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The public role of psychoanalysts in the Trump era: 'We live in ominous times'
U.S. intelligence chief Coats defends visit by Russian spymasters
Trump claims he 'never met' the woman who says he forcibly kissed her at Trump Tower
Trump, inexplicably, says he has 'been much tougher on Russia than Obama'
Profiles in expediency: 'Dumb' Romney welcomes endorsement of 'con man' Trump
Teenagers stage 'lie-in' outside White House in support of Parkland shooting victims
Teens hold a 'lie-in' at White House calling for gun control

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For nurses, sexual harassment from patients 'par for the course' - The #MeToo movement has prompted nurses to stand up for themselves and put an end to what they describe as pervasive sexual harassment from their male patients.
Lawmakers will not debate assault rifles but say porn is dangerous - What's more of a public health risk -- assault weapons or porn?
Is Trump mulling real gun policy changes — or just smoke and mirrors? - Do these actions represent a true policy sea change for a president who campaigned against gun-control measures in 2016?
Opinion: 7 ways to help prevent school shootings - Some argue for stricter gun control policies, others call for more social and emotional learning, but it's important not to let the debate get in the way of action. Here are seven interrelated ideas that can move our country forward toward actual solutions that reduce school shootings.
Traumatized, angry, and social media savvy: Parkland teens push for gun reform - Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students have become powerful gun reform advocates. Experts say it's because they've never known a world without mass shootings.
Billy Graham, 'America's pastor,' dead at age 99 - Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham, who boasted a career of more than 70 years and was one of the most admired men of the past century, has died at age 99, according to church sources.
President's penchant for conspiracies gives cover to those spreading false stories about Florida students - It hadn't even been one week since a gunman murdered 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida, before the conspiracy theories about the surviving students began bubbling up.
Students fight conspiracy theories after facing a shooter - David Hogg has become a strong voice among survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High and some are calling him a "crisis actor" and a pawn for anti-gun legislation.

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Factbox: Reactions to the death of U.S. evangelist Billy Graham
Billy Graham, preacher to millions, adviser to presidents, dies at 99
U.S. top court forbids seizure of ancient Persian artifacts
Factbox: Some facts about the life of evangelist Billy Graham






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Was hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics worth the trouble for South Korea?

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10 health and fitness devices you'll want to buy right now

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