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Obama administration warns money low to deal with migrant crisis
U.S. House Republicans to focus Obama lawsuit on Obamacare
Border Patrol suspends transfer of undocumented migrants to San Diego
Obama lets rip on trip out of Washington
Teen immigrants await fate at Oklahoma Army base
Obama cuts line at famed Texas barbecue joint
Is McConnell backing away from the Ryan budget?

News Headlines

Seized Dinosaur Bones Return to Mongolia Home - Enough 80 million-year-old dinosaur skeletons to stock a museum were turned over to the Mongolian government from the U.S. on Thursday.
What's a human worth? Ask cartels - CNN's Ed Lavandera explains how drug cartels are profiting on human trafficking and impacting immigration in the U.S.
Harrowing tales from Iraq's front line - With what little ammo they had left, they barricaded themselves in the building and fought back. One by one, Waad Kareem's comrades were shot and killed.
Pot Enthusiasts: Proud To Be Part of History - Pot enthusiasts outside Spokane Washington's first legal marijuana store say the high from being the first people to buy legally is just as good as the one from the drug itself.  KHQ's Dylan Wohlenhaus reports.
'Talladega Nights' actor in trouble - "Talladega Nights" actor Luke Bigham, 20, has been arrested on charges of domestic violence harassment after a fight between him and his mother, Lorrie Crumley, on July 8.
How Big Are Refugee Groups Compared to U.S. Cities? - There are more Vietnamese refugees in the world than there are people living in Greenbay, Wisconsin. How do other groups compare to U.S. cities?
Carmelo Anthony Reportedly Still Uncertain, Stuck on Bulls - Multiple outlets are reporting he’s shifted into uncertain territory and unable to get the Bulls out of his head.
Shelly Sterling: 'I Never Ever Thought This Would Happen' - Shelly Sterling declared that despite being estranged in many ways she loves her husband of 58 years and still acts as his principal caretaker.
LeBron James Decision Could Come This Weekend: Reports - LeBron has plans to fly to Brazil for the World Cup final on Sunday and the Heat and Cavs reportedly expect his decision before he leaves.
ISIS seizes nuclear materials - Militants in Iraq have taken hold of nuclear materials at university science facilities near the northern city of Mosul, the Iraqi government has said in a letter to the United Nations.
LeBron's stellar career -- so far - From being drafted out of high school by the Cleveland Cavaliers, to "The Decision", we look back at LeBron's career

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Obama administration warns money low to deal with migrant crisis
Sinaloa drug cartel leader 'Chino Antrax' extradited to California
Taliban sympathizer posts pictures of smiling Bowe Bergdahl
Central Washington wildfire grows dramatically


California ISO Updates, Improves ISO Today Mobile App
California Business Community Overwhelmingly Supports Delay of Hidden Gas Tax
California Products Corporation Acquires Muralo Paint Brands


Driver of Stolen Tesla Dies After Crash in Los Angeles
Disabled people denied voting rights, group says
Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim Finally Surpass .500 Mark




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LeBron giving the NBA anxiety issues

Free agency has stalled because LeBron James has yet to decide between the Heat and Cavs.

Race for Carmelo a 3-team fight

Carmelo Anthony has not made a decision regarding his free agency but appears down to three.

Yanks ace may face Tommy John surgery

Tanaka is 1-3 with a 4.25 ERA in last 4 starts.


Shin splints, a nagging injury that doesn't have to sideline exercise

Normally, Melissa Lane keeps her exercise regimen steady and moderate: a little CrossFit, a little jogging. Slow jogging.

Actress Tanna Frederick channels busy life into action and acceptance

Tanna Frederick takes life by the reins, then rides it for all it's worth. An award-winning actress, she's also a producer, director and co-founder of the Iowa Film Festival in her home state. Off-screen, Frederick is a marathon runner, second-degree taekwondo black belt and surfer. She created...

Women: You are having more headaches around menopause, researchers say

Women’s migraine headache problems rise in the years shortly before before and at the start of menopause, researchers say. That news might feel like vindication to the women who suspected as much but didn’t always get support from their doctors.

The e-cigarette boom: Study finds 466 online brands, 7,700 flavors

If you want a nicotine fix but you don't like the taste of tobacco, you've got options -- thousands of them.

'Mama squat and reach' good for pregnant women, desk workers

Are you tied to a computer most working days? If so, there's a good chance you struggle with tight hamstrings, hunched shoulders and a tight back. Sara Haley, a pre- and postnatal exercise specialist in Santa Monica and creator of the "Expecting More" DVD workout series for pregnant women, says...


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Global Headlines

Crude Oil: $102.12USD / Barrel

School minibus falls in to pond killing eight children in China

State media report that three adults and eight children aboard seven-seater died when it plunged in to a pond in the Hunan province of China

John Kerry to travel to Vienna for more Iran nuclear talks

US Secretary of State to attend meeting in Austria of six world powers and Iran to try and reach agreement on curbing Tehran's nuclear program ahead of self-imposed July 20 deadline

Barack Obama offers US help to negotiate Israel-Hamas ceasefire

In a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President offers US support to facilitate a cessation of hostilities, as world leaders call for restraint from both sides in Gaza

Girl believed to have been cured of HIV has relapsed

A girl born in the US with HIV whom doctors had hoped to have been cured of the disease is now showing signs of infection shortly before her fourth birthday

Valet crashes Lamborghini outside five-star hotel in India

A valet at a five-star hotel in India dramatically reduces his chances of a tip when he crashes a guest's Lamborghini into another car and a wall

Gaza conflict: eight members of same family killed in Israel air strike - live

Israel hits more than 780 Hamas targets in Gaza Strip by third day of conflict - including strike on home in Khan Younis which kills eight members of same family - as missiles continue to fall in Israel

Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP facing meltdown as "stink bombs" rain over party spending

France's main centre-Right opposition UMP is on the brink of collapse amid a torrent of revelations on plane tickets, wives and €10,000 phone bills

Half of Gaza's dead 'are women and children'

Gaza health ministry says most of at least 81 killed in Israeli air strikes are non-combatants, as missile kills nine watching World Cup semi-final at café

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