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Senate unanimously backs tougher North Korea sanctions
In Illinois homecoming, Obama calls for improved tone in U.S. politics
Ohio House passes bill to deny funds to Planned Parenthood
House passes bill requiring EPA actions on lead-laced water
Rapper DMX revived by Narcan — the opioid antitdote that stops an overdose in its tracks
Family of murdered ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller speaks out
‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli pleads the Fifth at hearing, dodges questions

News Headlines

Insult to Injury: Cleveland Bills Tamir Rice Estate $500 - The attorney for the Rice family said the bill "adds insult to homicide." Tamir Rice, 12, was fatally shot by a police officer in November 2014.
Former L.A. Sheriff Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges - Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has pleaded guilty to a federal charge of lying to investigators as part of a misconduct probe.
Hundreds of Manatees Clog Florida Wildlife Spring - A wildlife refuge for manatees has closed for human visitors with the unexpected addition of hundreds of manatees seeking a haven from colder waters.
Is he the 'Sexiest Dad Alive!'? - A few things have changed in the six years since People magazine declared Ryan Reynolds the "Sexiest Man Alive!" And some of those may involve changing diapers and getting fewer hours of sleep.
LaVoy Finicum: 'I'm just not going to prison' - By his own account, LaVoy Finicum had plenty to live for.
42 Rescued After Boat Catches Fire in South Pacific - Forty-two people abandoned their fishing boat after it caught fire in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. No injuries were reported.
Who are the Bundys? - Nearly two years before armed protesters took over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, a similar fight was waged in Nevada. And the organizers of both have the same last name: Bundy.
Two Maryland Deputies Shot Dead, Suspect Killed - The gunman reportedly opened fire without warning after a Harford County sheriff's deputy spoke with him at a Panera Bread in Abingdon, Md.
Watch Morgan Score Goal 12 Seconds Into Olympic Qaulifier
FBI: Armed occupiers of wildlife refuge in Oregon are surrounded
Inside Oprah's $29M ranch - Oprah Winfrey has paid almost $30 million for a sprawling equestrian estate on the California coast. But if the media mogul wants to add horses to her multimillion-dollar purchase, she'll have to buy them herself.
Ex-priest arrested in 1960 killing - According to an indictment unsealed Wednesday, a grand jury in Hidalgo County, Texas, decided there was enough evidence to charge that John Feit, "with malice aforethought, (caused) the death of Irene Garza by asphyxiation in a manner and means unknown to the grand jury."
City bills family of boy killed by cop - The city of Cleveland has filed a claim against the estate of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy killed by a police officer in 2014, for his final ambulance ride.

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FBI tightens grip on final occupiers at Oregon wildlife refuge
Justice Dept. sues Ferguson, Missouri, to force police reforms
In Illinois homecoming, Obama calls for improved tone in U.S. politics
AP news guide: A look at the turmoil in Ferguson






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Suns player shoves, chokes teammate on the bench

This does not look good.        

Watch: Manning, Magic smash eggs on their heads

Oh yes.        

A fiery Jim Harbaugh? Not at Pebble Beach

Usually intense, Jim Harbaugh relaxes among celebrities at Pebble Beach.        


How one Los Angeles marathoner came to love -- not loathe -- the long run

Saturday after Saturday, my long run was the same routine. I had managed to turn what is actually a gorgeous run — Santa Rosa Road in east Ventura County — into a rather joyless exercise that always boiled down to cold, hard numbers. How many miles? At what pace? I did these runs alone, and too...

Did you know stretching before exercise is controversial? Here's the right way to do it:

Some experts say stretching before exercise helps performance and lessens injuries. But, believe it or not, others say stretching does the opposite. Who's right? Proponents point to people who can't afford to be wrong: Athletes. The Clippers stretch before every game. And Meb Keflezighi, an Olympic...

Why crushing 30 easy goals in a row will help you stick to your 2016 fitness goals

So here we are again, early February, that vast wasteland of excuses for our failed New Year's resolutions. Enter fitness expert Jenna Wolfe with her new excuse-busting book, "Thinner in 30," a kind of post-holiday Advent calendar for becoming the thinner, fitter person you've always wanted to...

Want a well-rounded workout regimen? Add tai chi for flexibility -- and serenity

Walk through the shade-dappled woods of Mar Vista Recreation Center in the morning and you'll probably spot tai chi students going through their slow and graceful routines. And if you are thinking about starting tai chi, you definitely won't be alone. Around 2.3 million Americans practice this...

11 ways to jump-start your fitness routine in 2016.

Until you go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, held in January each year, you simply don't know that you need special sensor-embedded socks that measure your stride length, calculate foot strike — and map your route. But who doesn't want to make staying healthy more convenient, effective,...


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Global Headlines

Crude Oil: $27.38USD / Barrel

South Korean businesses abandon Kaesong complex in response to North Korea's rocket launch

Seoul orders its nationals to leave a joint business zone in protest at Pyongyang's recent nuclear and missile tests

Iran seeks tourism millions as nuclear chill ends

With sanctions eased in the wake of the nuclear deal, the country's goal is 20 million tourists annually by 2025 which would provide $30 billion a year

Guantanamo detainee accused of plotting 9/11 attacks 'needs better care'

Mustafa al-Hawsawi is suffering "painful and humiliating" rectal problems as a result of "torture", says Amnesty International

'Lithe, leggy, spirited' - Hollywood sexism exposed in scripts

Producer is tweeting descriptions of female characters from actual film pitches, ranging from the hilarious to the downright creepy

American woman upset over botched haircut pulls gun on stylist

San Diego woman pulled the trigger three times but the gun jammed, police say

FBI moves in on last four occupiers at Oregon wildlife refuge

Protesters are into their 40th day of an armed stand-off that began in protest at federal control of millions of acres public land in the West

US accuses Rwanda of stoking violence in Burundi

Senior American diplomats say refugees in Rwanda are being recruited to launch attacks on Burundi government as violence threatens to spiral into civil war

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