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Senate Democrats ask Trump attorney general pick to recuse himself from Russia probes
Quarter of Republicans would keep Obamacare: Reuters/Ipsos poll
Senate Democrat leader attacks Price on ethics charge
Wilbur Ross, Trump's Commerce pick, offshored 2,700 jobs since 2004
Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence
Tape shows Trump contradicting himself
White House admits Obama won’t close Guantánamo

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Putin: People spreading fake news "worse than prostitutes" - Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that a damning dossier on US President-elect Donald Trump was "false" and dismissed allegations that his country's security services had been monitoring him as "rubbish."
DeVos, Democrats to Face Off Over Education - DeVos would be in charge of making Trump's campaign promise to use $20 billion in federal funds to create school choice programs a reality.
17% of GOP think US intel's Russia assessment is correct - Allegations that Russia's government sought to influence the US presidential election have captured the attention of a vast majority of the American public, but there is little agreement on whether the allegations are true, or how the new president will handle the country going forward, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll.
After Trump comes in, Obama is going here - President Barack Obama plans to travel to the Palm Springs area after the inauguration Friday, two sources familiar with his plans confirmed to CNN Tuesday.
Who is Chelsea Manning? - U.S. Army soldier Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for her role in leaking government documents to WikiLeaks.
Putin: Trump dossier is false, rubbish - Russia's Vladimir Putin says he was familiar with some of the unsubstantiated allegations about Trump in a dossier prepared by an ex-British intel agent. The dossier was published by Buzzfeed. CNN has reported that senior intel officials briefed President-elect Trump and President Obama, warning Russia may have gathered compromising material on Trump.
White House: No Snowden clemency request - More than a million supporters of Edward Snowden have petitioned President Barack Obama to pardon him, but the former National Security Agency contractor hasn't submitted the required documents for clemency, according to the White House.
As GOP Pushes Repeal, Obamacare Has Never Been More Popular - It's the first time in the poll since the law's passage that more Americans think Obamacare is a good idea rather than a bad idea.
Watergate reporter: Unverified dossier garbage - Award-winning journalist Bob Woodward criticizes the Russia dossier that was presented to President-elect Donald Trump.
18M Will Lose Health Insurance With ACA Repeal: Report - About 18 million people would lose or drop their health insurance in the first year after Obamacare is repealed, the Congressional Budget Office says.

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Obama commutes sentence of intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning
Florida nightclub gunman's wife accused of misleading police
Obama commutes 209 prison sentences, issues 64 pardons
Bobcat that jumped on woman, scratched 2 others is killed






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Mike Tomlin: Antonio Brown 'selfish' for Steelers locker room video

Steelers coach was recorded by star wide receiver giving profane postgame speech.        

Jerry Jones not shutting door on Cowboys' options for Tony Romo

Cowboys owner says "no decision has been made" regarding veteran's future.        

Roger Goodell won't be on hand to watch Patriots in AFC Championship Game

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't been at a Patriots home game since Deflategate.        

Jim Brown: I'll support Donald Trump despite voting for Hillary Clinton

Hall of Fame running back says he respects and recognizes Trump's win.        


'Concierge' docs offer 24/7 access, spa treatments and more - for a price

Every Saturday morning, dozens of cyclists and walkers gather in Redlands outside a restored Victorian to exercise with Dr. Steven Wilson. With its huge bike rack and organic vegetable garden out back, it’s not what you’d expect from your primary care doctor’s office. But this isn’t your typical...

Actress Shalita Grant's five laws of motion

Fitness can feel like a race to the bottom: How many pounds can I lose? Can my lunch be lighter? What’s the smallest size that’ll fit? Actress Shalita Grant is over the less-is-more attitude. Scratch being skinny. She’d much rather be strong. “We are given to feeling guilty and ashamed of ourselves,”...

This is what supermodel Elle Macpherson does every single day

Elle Macpherson, at 52, has the kind of physique that teen girls covet. But the supermodel-turned-entrepreneur’s attitude toward her figure -- and her life -- has changed since she was regularly gracing the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Her natural wellness company, WelleCo, has...

13.5 million Californians are covered by Medi-Cal. Here's how Trump's plan could cost the state

Along with his vow to repeal Obamacare, President-elect Donald Trump has promised to restructure Medicaid, the nation’s low-income health program — a move that could be acutely felt in California, where 1 in 3 residents receive health coverage through the state version, experts say. Medi-Cal enrollment...


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