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Millennials, not Mumsnet: Younger women and the 2015 election

Can younger women change our politics and influence the election?

Kate Lundy to leave as ACT Labor senator

Nov. 26, 2014, 8:36 p.m. Labor's Kate Lundy will leave politics at the next election after almost two decades in the Senate, creating a race to fill the safe Senate seat for the ACT.

Seeds for new politics

Korean politics is associated more with words like defiance, confrontation and deadlock than with negotiation, concession and compromise

Youth shift emerging at grassroots level of politics

The Next Generation of Political Leaders: Following the results of the recent municipal election, reporter Erin Haluschak examines the shift of youth in local politics and the perspectives, challenges and ideas they will bring to their respective council tables.

Ukip Tells Tory Defectors: You Don't Need A By-Election

Conservative MPs who want to defect to Ukip do not need to resign their seat and trigger a by-election in advance of the May 2015 general election, Douglas Carswell has said. Carswell, Ukip's first ever elected MP, has set a precedent that defectors stand down from parliament and seek re-election under their new party's banner. In the past defectors crossed the floor without seeking a new ...

Britain thrown into political abyss

The UK Independence Party, led by the pub-clubbable Nigel Farage, has won a resounding second successive Parliamentary by-election and sent British politics tumbling into an abyss of the unknown.

Historic election shakes up national control; Iowa still split

This was a big election for Republicans in Iowa and across the nation. It was also a historic day in Iowa politics.

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Search results for: Bathroom Cleaning Tips

489423 items found. Showing items 1 to 4:

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Bathroom Cleaning : Cleaning Bathroom Shelves
By: expertvillage - Duration: 1.15 min.
Views: 2772 • Rating: 5.0

To clean bathroom shelves, remove them if possible for the most thorough cleaning. Wipe down bathroom shelves with tips from an experienced housekeeper in th...

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Bathroom Cleaning : Bathroom Cleaning: Medicine Cabinet
By: expertvillage - Duration: 1.30 min.
Views: 3339 • Rating: 5.0

When cleaning a medicine cabinet in a bathroom, wipe down each bottle while removing them to clean the shelves. Clean a bathroom medicine cabinet with tips f...

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Bathroom Cleaning : Clearing Bathroom Counter Tops
By: expertvillage - Duration: 1.05 min.
Views: 3475 • Rating: 5.0

Clearing bathroom counter tops makes it easier to clean in every nook and cranny. Clear counter tops in the bathroom with tips from an experienced housekeepe...

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The Secret Housekeeper Bath Cleaning Tips
By: SecretHousekeeper - Duration: 3.77 min.
Views: 847 • Rating: 5.0

The Secret Housekeeper does a great job cleaning the bathroom. For those who are too busy to tackle the chores and day to day running of a house. Now you can...

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