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E-commerce Start-Up Gives Customers STDs

E-commerce Start-Up Gives Customers STDs

Teaching about STDs through comic books

Baltimore Health Department program helps teens create graphic novel addressing sexually transmitted diseases and birth control When eight high school students are commissioned to make a graphic novel about sexual health, don't be surprised if the result includes pet dragons, a troll with genital warts and a guy named Funk Master Flexin'.

STDs rising In Florida, Hillsborough

STDs rising In Florida, Hillsborough                

Renowned Biophysicist Cheers Proteges' Ebola Drug

A Johns Hopkins University biophysicist whose focus was STDs mentored the drug researchers who developed an experimental Ebola treatment.

Could I Have an STD and Not Know It?

Yes, it's possible. If you're sexually active, get tested for STDs regularly to help prevent serious health problems, such as infertility and cancer, for you and your partner.

Get pre-marital clinical tests to avoid impotency, STDs: Madras HC to couples

Underscoring the high rate of impotency-related marriage failures, the judge asked whether state and central governments were aware of the social scourge and whether they were ready to amend marriage laws so as to fast-track disposal of matrimonial disputes.

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"eFormula Evolution" Tim's eFormulaEvolution for e-Commerce Business Intersts
By: 2014 Millionaire - Duration: 9.73 min.
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The secret of small business success -- Enterprise Europe Network
By: Enterprise Europe Network - Duration: 2.35 min.
Views: 3262 • Rating: 5.0

The Enterprise Europe Network Stars Awards honour inspiring and encouraging stories of how European small businesses are making the most of opportunities in ...

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Cambridge Judge Business School - Presentaiton at 2013 Sofaer International Case Copmetition
By: Tel Aviv U IMBA - Duration: 26.60 min.
Views: 582 • Rating: 5.0

The Sofaer International Case Competition (SICC) is an annual affair that draws MBA teams from around the world and Israel toether for a week-long strategy b...

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