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A Tall Order for McDonald's

After only two and a half years at the helm, McDonald's Chief Executive Officer Don Thompson is stepping down. The quintessentially American company, whose Golden Arches are a symbol of American marketing power across the globe, will be headed by a Brit, Steve Easterbrook. Can Easterbrook chase the malaise out of McDonald's sales?

A timeline of Suge Knight's legal and medical troubles

A look at Death Row Records founder Marion "Suge" Knight's troubles over the past 20 years:

A look at Etan Patz case that fueled missing-child campaign

A look at the murder case stemming from the 1979 disappearance of Etan Patz, which helped catalyze a national missing-children's campaign:

A.M.BestTV: Economic Outlook Speakers See More Low Rates Ahead

This A.M.BestTV episode covers the recent Prudential Financial, Inc. Annual Market Outlook and Briefing Conference, where speakers said the era of low returns will lik

A pupil points a finger. A teacher is fired, his life rerouted. Now can they be buddies?

A student gets his teacher fired, and a life is rerouted. Years later he sends a Facebook message. And gets a reply.

Can a Debt Collector Go After My PayPal Account?

A reader recently wrote us to ask about judgments and what exactly a creditor can get access to when you owe them money.

A Facebook group asks, ‘What would Jackie Kennedy Onassis do?’

A Facebook group dedicated to honoring the late First Lady must deal with 21st century Internet trolling.

A million Parisians in commuter hell as attack sparks rail strike

Over a million Parisians faced commuter hell on Thursday when drivers on one of Europe's busiest train lines went on strike after a passenger assaulted one of their colleagues. The strike began the night before when a passenger in Torcy, east of Paris, got his hand stuck in the closing doors and then head-butted the driver when he came to deal with the situation.

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Technology in Museum Programming: The National Gallery of Canada
By: RCIPCHIN - Duration: 4.02 min.
Views: 888 • Rating: 5.0

[Transcription] In the summer of 2012, the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa proudly hosted the exhibition "Van Gogh: Up Close", which represented the fir...

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Books in Translation Panel: 2014 National Book Festival
By: LibraryOfCongress - Duration: 45.10 min.
Views: 318 • Rating: 5.0

Ever wonder what it takes to translate a great work of literature from another language into English? Why are translators the unsung heroes of the literary w...

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