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Oscars 2015: Emma Watson Thanks Steve Carell for Wearing #HeForShe Cufflinks

Jake McDorman also wore the cufflinks, which promote gender equality.

Emma Watson Wrote Steve Carell the Sweetest Note Thanking Him For His Support

On Oscars Monday, Emma Watson took to Twitter to thank nominee Steve Carell for wearing HeForShe cufflinks in support of the #HeForShe gender equality campaign. The actor wore Monique Péan for HeForShe cufflinks and shirt studs, which were co-designed by Emma and Monique Péan. To thank him, Emma tweeted a picture of a super-sweet note that she wrote for him, which read: Dear Steve Carell, You ...

Laptop, watches and cufflinks stolen in Blackwell burglary

A LAPTOP, men's watches and cufflinks were stolen during a burglary in Blackwell. One of the items taken in the incident, which happened at 11.15am yesterday (Thursday) in Greenhill, was of great sentimental value to the owners.

Emma Watson gives hand-written letters to Steve Carell, Jake McDorman after Oscars support for gender equality

British actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson sure is a class act. When she saw the American actor and funny guy Steve Carell supported gender equality by wearing HeForShe cufflinks to the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles, she wrote him a letter of appreciation.

Look! Watson sends post-Oscars note to Carell

Emma Watson has sent a note to Steve Carell after the Foxcatcher star opted to wear cufflinks that support Watson's #HeForShe gender equality campaign.

Oscars 2015: Emma Watson thanks Steve Carell for wearing gender-equality cufflinks

Emma Watson has sent a handwritten note to Steve Carell, thanking the Foxcatcher star for supporting gender equality through his wardrobe choice at the Oscars ceremony.

Forget Prince Harry: Emma Watson sends gushing hand-written letter to Steve Carell

SHE HIT headlines over the weekend as rumours swirled she was dating Prince Harry, but Emma Watson has set her sights on another man.

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Simi Valley hang gliding training hill from 1990
By: rickskater - Duration: 3.87 min.
Views: 662 • Rating: 5.0

I was cleaning up my old VHS collection and came across some vintage tapes infested with mold. So with time on my hand, I've decided to convert them into dig...

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Westlake vs. Simi Valley - California High School Football on iBN Sports from 10-19-12
By: iBN Archive - Duration: 123.68 min.
Views: 1081 • Rating: 5.0

Subscribe to iBN Sports - Follow us! And stay up to date on everything in high school sp...

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Bluefin Grill & Sushi Video, Simi Valley, CA
By: BlueFinGrillandSushi - Duration: 1.47 min.
Views: 2052 • Rating: 5.0 The BEST sushi, seafood, salads, pasta and brunch restaurant in Ventura County .. A FUN culinary island oasis for your ta...

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2013, 4th of July Fireworks Explosion! In Simi Valley - Fireworks FAIL Causes Injuries
By: newsfast - Duration: 0.55 min.
Views: 1476 • Rating: 5.0

The injury count changed multiple times over the course of a quickly developing breaking news story. As of 11:30 p.m., 28 people were reported injured, Ventu...

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Amtrak Coast Starlight #14 in Simi Valley and Goleta, CA - 2/17/13
By: AmtrakCal462 - Duration: 2.12 min.
Views: 501 • Rating: 5.0

Here is some video of Amtrak's northbound Coast Starlight on Sunday, Feb 17th. I did a bit of chasing and managed to get 3 shots of it. The first two shots a...

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Republican Candidates Debate Reagan Library Simi Valley California September 7, 2011 (8/8)
By: MiserablyGlorious - Duration: 15.02 min.
Views: 668 • Rating: 5.0

Republican Candidates Debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California featuring Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, busine...

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