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МУЗТВ Онлайн

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Internet Acronyms and Abbreviations You May Not Know The Meaning Of

I’ve seen a lot of new words and terms in the internet this year (including SMS and other forms of digital communication), and really, I had to Google most of the internet slang or I had to have someone explain it to me. These were the cases when I see someone call another their bae, tweets […] The post Internet Acronyms and Abbreviations You May Not Know The Meaning Of appeared first on ...

Mike Parker: Some text-like abbreviations I’d like students to practice

Published: Sunday, January 18, 2015 at 07:42 PM. The new ECU semester opened Monday, Jan. 12. On Tuesday, I had my first class day. Tomorrow, hundreds of area high school students also begin a new semester.

The price of oil has halved since June 2014, so is now a good time to invest in it?

With the oil price low, now could be a good time to invest in the black stuff but some analysts believe the commodity is in for a rocky time.

Latest job numbers show some fancy ‘foot’-work

Today I’m going to try your patience like never before. This column will be about footnotes. Yes, footnotes — those strange little factoids full of Latin abbreviations and curious codes...

Negative Keywords Geek Out: Proactive and Reactive Approach

Since negative keywords prevent ads from showing on irrelevant keywords, advertisers can save significant click spend and improve overall performance of an account by implementing a plan of attack.

HBPs further unify 2015 HOF class

Monograms and abbreviations used in essays and discussions about Hall of Fame candidates and inductees typically include ERA, RBI, OPS, OBA and now, for some, the uncomfortable acronym WAR. The members of the 2015 class are related by a different three-letter set: HBP.

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Trigonometry II: Reduction Formulae and Identities
By: Mindset Learn - Duration: 50.40 min.
Views: 5642 • Rating: 5.0

Download the Show Notes: In this live Grade 11 Maths s...

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Making the best use of everyone's talents: promoting diversity in the workplace (2010)
By: FDAD2010 - Duration: 9.95 min.
Views: 15941 • Rating: 0

Recruiting and managing a diverse workforce can have economic benefits for business as employees from diverse backgrounds can bring new perspectives and idea...

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Liquid jets
By: Cambridge University - Duration: 1.05 min.
Views: 19582 • Rating: 5.0

In this video Dr Sungjune Jung shows us the fluid structures produced by the impact of two liquid jets. Cambridge University's Under the Microscope is a coll...

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Insider's Guide to UC - University of Canterbury
By: University of Canterbury - Duration: 7.73 min.
Views: 6961 • Rating: 5.0

The orientation programme at the beginning of the year is just the start of learning about university life -- there's a lot happening at UC, and there's a lo...

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Yale University Class Day Speaker, President Bill Clinton
By: YaleUniversity - Duration: 34.33 min.
Views: 99991 • Rating: 0

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States, speaks at Yale University's 2010 Cl...

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